Further financing possibilities

Equity is an important requirement for long-term business activities. The higher the proportion of equity for a business, the lower the risk of over-indebtedness and inability to pay. At the same time, banks and savings banks rate creditworthiness higher. The proportion of equity for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Brandenburg is small. For this reason the State offers programmes which directly increase equity or can be considered similar to equity.

Frühphasen- und Wachstumsfonds (BFB III)

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy administers the Frühphasen- und Wachstumsfonds together with the Business Promotion Bank of the Federal State of Brandenburg. The financing of small and innovative enterprises (SE) in the early phases is open to all. This is combined with a subordinated loan and is dependent upon the capital requirements as well as the liquidity and balance sheet situation of a business.

The Frühphasen- and Wachstumsfonds also offer open participation and similar investments for the growth of SMEs in various phases of product development. This enables investment in fixed assets and intangible assets as well as in operating materials to be supported. This also applies to the acquisition of shares in a business.

Brandenburg-Kredit Mezzanine II

With Brandenburg-Kredit Mezzanine II (BK MEZZ II) the Ministry for Finance and Energy provides subordinated loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. This is intended to strengthen the equity basis and improve the creditworthiness of the business. The enterprises can then acquire company shares. In addition, they have the opportunity to invest in fixed assets and immaterial goods, as well as financing operating capital.