Microcredit of 25,000 euros to purchase a new kitchen for the Kranhaus in Wittenberge. The Kranhaus in Wittenberge has embodied quality and international cuisine in a perfect location for many years. Frenchman Mika Drouin (photo) had known the legendary restaurant as a customer for a long time. When the Kranhaus suddenly closed in December 2015 and became available for investors, Mika saw an opportunity. He left his job as a chef in a Majorcan hotel and became a gastronomic entrepreneur. Mika has radically changed the menu since re-opening the restaurant in May 2016. No more than ten dishes appear on the menu and items change monthly according to the season. Side dishes are fresh and usually from the region. The independent businessman used the Microcredit programme from the State of Brandenburg to invest in a new kitchen. “We have also given the place a fresh coat of paint and will be remodelling soon”, says Mika Drouin. “It should be a feast for the eyes, too”. Even if customers in Wittenberge will not find Schnitzel and chips on the menu, many are looking forward to visiting Mika’s Kranhaus on the banks of the river Elbe.